Past Webinar Presentation

Title: Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Opportunities for Now and Future
Speaker:Dr. Chaitanya Shah
Company Name :Mechemco Group
Date:26 September 2020

Title: FR Composites for Mass Transport Application
Speaker:Prashant Kshirsagar
Company Name :Director – Gurit India Pvt.Ltd.
Date:30 Jan 2021

Title: Advanced and Emerging NDT for FRP inspection
Speaker:Prof. Krishnan Balasubramanian
Company Name :Center for NDE, IIT Madras, Chenna

Title: Wind – Power Literally from Thin Air
Speaker:Mr DV Giri
Company Name :Secretary General,Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers
Date:8 May 2021

Title: Composites Manufacturing: Filament Winding Process and its Applications in various sectors
Speaker:Mr Rahul Bandaru
Company Name :CNC Technics Pvt Ltd
Date:20 March 2021

Title: Principles and Applications in the fiels of polymer and composites
Speaker:G.Padmanabhan, V.P.
Company Name :LCGC Bioanalytic Solution LLP
Date:31 July 2021

Title: Resin Transfer Molding process for composite product manufacturing
Speaker:Tanmay Mukerji
Company Name :CEO ,Tech Force Composites Pvt Ltd
Date:21 August 2021

Title: From ECS, Best Practices for pattern and Composite Moulds Development
Speaker:Vijay Deshpande
Company Name :Epsilon Composite Solutions, Pune
Date:25 September 2021

Title: Core Infusion
Speaker:Rimzath Ali

Title: Flim Infusion With Reusable Silicon Technology